Birthday countdown calendar important?

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Children often find their birthday a super fun, but also an oh so super exciting event. For a child it is therefore extra nice if they can live up to this moment.

It makes the birthday tangible. They are already counting at school, perhaps they are even learning the days of the week. Making a calendar is an extra moment with your child, on which you can one day look back to. These are important moments.

An additioanal benefit is, that it also gives you more peace of mind. In the calendar you can use images of a cake for example. You can use this to remind yourself that you can order or bake a cake on that particular day. In addition, your child does not need to continuously ask how long it takes? He can have a look on the calendar himself!

Make the countdown calendar together with your child at least two weeks in advance. This is a super fun and creative activity. Bring out the artist in yourself, don't make it too difficult. If your child likes to paint, make a happy mess together. Does your child like to color with markers, you guessed it ... Make a little party together.

To help you, I added a template.

Countdown calender
Download PDF • 63KB

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