My first BLOG!

Who would ever thought that, me and blogging! I'm so excited.

Perfect! I climbed up the mountain with my dog. Just in our backyard, simply because it can. The sun is shining and what a beautiful view over the lake. So satisfied, a happy moment. These are the little things that I can enjoy so much. This is anyway a perfect place to write my first blog.

I find it so exciting, my first blog. Who would have ever thought that, me and blogging. I am really looking forward to it. I often have many ideas in my head and writing these ideas down creates more peace in my mind. Maybe you recognize it. And why not share these ideas with you. I know that several parents are very stressed when they see the birthday of their child coming up on the calendar.

Every month I will write about (At least I will try :p) a tip, a trick, an activity or anyway I will tell a short story on the themes of children's parties, activities with kids, crafting and face painting.

Anyway it's about having fun with your child. Gradually, everything can pass. Everything related to my company AHOESA. Hopefully I can take away the "birthday stress" a little bit for you. Of course you can always call, email or send me an app. I’m happy to help you. Nice if you follow me and read along.

How cool that you’re reading my first Blog. That makes me so so happy!

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