A practical tip for hanging garlands at home.

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Yes, yessss, the birthday party of your child is coming up. Time is flying when you’re having fun. In this blog I will give you a practical tip for hanging the garlands of your event!

You can start with planning on turning your house in to magic.

But I understand, HELPPP ME!!

Hanging garlands is often such a thing. A thing that does not make you happy. The garland is too long or too short. You cannot find the right suspension points or it does not quite fit your liking. You don't really want to put extra nails into a wall or frame. This will cause damages, but I tell you THIS IS NOT NECESSARY AT ALL!!

Of course you want to make your decoration perfect for your child, so that it will be a birthday to remember. When I decorate a location, I often look at the windows first. Every house has more and more windows and in the last couple of years the trend has only grown , for example a wintergarten. Why not take advantage of this? Now you may think, how???

I use a suction cup with and without a hook. You probably know them. Sometimes they are used for hanging a towels. You can buy them at the hardware store and they can be used more than one-time. After taken the garlands downs, you place the garlands safely in a container, you can lock and dispose the suction cups with the garlands. You can use them again during your next party.

So…, next year you don’t have to think about the garlands anymore. Perfect!!

Even if your child comes home from school, with a super cool job that they have made, you can also use the suction cup to hang. This way it hangs neatly on the hook and can be looked at for a week or two weeks or a month or …. :p. You make your child feel very proud. It can be that simple.

Hopefully I helped you a little bit . So no more nails. You may need to wash your window a little bit.

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Thanks for reading myn blog :)

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